We are keen to share our faith in Christ both in word and in action. We are involved in running social activities, distributing literature and meeting people on the streets and in their homes. Sometimes we have done this in co-operation with other churches.

Much of our outreach activity is concentrated on the Friary estate in Salisbury, but we also actively support a number of local Christian-based initiatives, as well as missions activity abroad.

The Friary

The Friary is a council estate close to where we meet and where much of our activity takes place. Our passion is to make the Friary a special place. For too long the Friary has not had the care and support that it deserves, so it is our aim to work together to achieve something better.

The overwhelming response we had from talking to people on the Friary was that there were not enough activities for young people on the estate and little sense of community spirit. We have responded to this in 3 main ways:

Firstly, with the introduction of clubs for children and youth.

Secondly, with a community newsletter which we produce 3 or 4 times each year and distribute to every home.

Thirdly, by arranging a number of special events for Friary residents. In recent years the local Councils and other agencies have become more active in providing recreational and learning opportunities for Friary residents. We co-operate with these activities through practical involvement and our chairmanship of the Friary Inter-Agency Group.


At least once a year we have put on a special event for everyone on the Friary.  For the last two years we have done a free barbecue with games for all ages.  We've organised a magician and a bouncy castle for the children.

The local Council has also arranged several Fun Days for Friary residents and we have always been represented, usually by providing craft activities for the children.

Each year we deliver a Christmas card through every letterbox.  Some years we have gone around the estate carol singing.  And on one Christmas we delivered a free CD to each home.

Support For Other Charities

In addition to our own outreach activities we also provide support to a broad range of other Christian organisations.